Embold - An AI Based Software Analytics Platform

Static code analysis is an industry-standard practice used to help find weaknesses in constructs against a set of parameters before the program is run. As the cost of bad software rises, both monetarily and ethically, static code analysis is now a part of software development cycles across industries and sectors.

There has also been a huge jump in the adoption of static code analysis on an individual level, with developers learning how it can significantly impact work quality, save time otherwise spent in fixing bugs and improve employment prospects.

Embold is a static analysis platform that offers AI-assisted code testing that not only identifies weak code and vulnerabilities, but also suggests solutions to rectify them.

The best part? You can get it directly in your IDE—other than a cloud and on-prem instance, Embold offers a free plugin for Intellij IDEA, so you can uncover potential bugs, vulnerabilities and code smells in Java, with fast scanners that get you quick feedback as you edit the code, ensuring that you can fix them before making commits.

The Embold analyzer also offers automated pull requests on the cloud—every time a pull request is made, the analyzer will scan the altered files and send a report regarding the issues it identifies straight to the UI.

It gets better—the Embold Score feature allows users to identify the overall quality of the code and pinpoint issue areas at a single glance. The Score offers an empirical rating on code metrics, cloning and duplication, code issues, quality parameters, and design and architecture.

With support for all the mainstream programming languages and version control systems, Embold can help streamline the development process across its lifecycle. The analyzer closely examines every single code execution path making the entire development process more efficient and comprehensive.

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