What are Different Types of Hackers?

What are the different types of hackers? Despite the popular belief, not all hackers are bad. There are several types of hackers, and in this post we will go through them.

Who are hackers anyway and what are their motives? Well, a hacker is an individual who uses their computer skills and knowledge to gain access to systems and networks.

Hackers are intelligent and skilled individuals who break into systems and networks with the intent of stealing information or performing malicious attacks. Their motives differ: some do it for fun, others to commit a crime.

Types of Hackers

Hackers can be categorized as:

  • Black hat
  • White hat
  • Grey hat
  • Suicide hackers
  • Script kiddies
  • Cyber terrorists
  • State sponsored hackers
  • Hacktivists

Black hat

Black hats are hackers who use their knowledge and skills to discover and exploit security vulnerabilities for financial gain or malicious reasons. Their activities can cause major damage to their targets and their systems. Black hats are usually involved with criminal activities such as stealing personal and financial information or shutting down websites and networks.

White hat

White hats are ethical hackers who use their knowledge and skills to improve security of a system by discovering vulnerabilities before black hats do. They pretty much use the same methods and tools black hats do, but unlike black hats, white hats have a permission of the system owner to use those methods.

Grey hat

Grey hats are hackers who are not as bad as black hats, but also not as ethical as white hats. They might help black hats in their endeavors, but they also might help in discovering vulnerabilities or checking the limitations of a system.

Suicide hackers

Suicide hackers are ready and willing to perform an attack for a “cause”, even if they get caught and prosecuted.

Script kiddies

Script kiddies are hackers who are new to hacking and don’t have much knowledge or skills to perform hacks. Instead, they use tools and scripts developed by more experienced hackers.

Cyber terrorists

Cyber terrorists are hackers who are influenced by certain religious or political beliefs. They work to cause fear and disruption of systems and networks.

State sponsored hackers

State sponsored hackers are recruited by governments to gain access to secret information of other governments.


Hacktivists break into government or corporate systems out of protest. They use their skills to promote a political or social agenda. Targets are usually government agencies or big corporations.