Open Source Test Management Tools

Open source and Free Test Management tools. Here we have selected the top best open source test management tools. They are totally free to download and to use in your projects.

Test Management tools are very important to any test team. Test teams use these tools to help capture requirements, design test cases, map test cases to requirements, test execution reports and much more. Companies may use one to many tools for this, which range from very expensive to open source. My advice would be to pick a tool that can meet most of your current and near future needs.

Open Source Test Management Tools

Below is a list of completely free and open source test management tools that may come in handy.


Klaros-Test­management features components for planning, executing and evaluating tests and supports requirement coverage as well as agile development methodologies like Scrum or Kanban.

Interfaces to issue tracking systems, test automation tools and continuous integration servers allow a seamless integration in your development environment.

Built-in reporting capabilities support the creation of individual reports for comprehensive evaluation of test results.

Download Klaros-Testmanagement


A software testing case management extension for Bugzilla. It is designed to be a generic tool for tracking test cases, allowing for testing organizations to integrate bug reporting with their test case run results. Though it is designed with software testing in mind, it can be used to track testing on virtually anything in the engineering process.

Download Testopia


qaManager is a platform independent web-based application for managing QA Projects Effectively with a very simple installation. qaManager has Project tracking, Resource Management, TC Management, Online Library, Alerts and more. It’s Powered by OpenXava.

Download qaManager


Application Radi-testdir is a light-weight test Management tool. Radi supports test directory features like configuring the test plan, updating (create/edit) the test results for the test image/build, Backup, User Management.

Download Radi


A web-based tool designed to manage requirements, tests, test results, and defects throughout the application lifecycle. The tool provides a structured approach to software testing and increases the visibility of the testing process by creating a common repository for all test assets including requirements, test cases, test plans, and test results.

Download RTH


Test Case Web (TCW) is an online TCM system built with PHP and a SQL back-end. It provides an efficient means for generation, organization, and execution reporting of test cases among projects and by multiple testers and versions. It provides various at-a-glance views of the test suite for easy status determination and test suite navigation. TCW also provides basic reporting capabilities and per-project access control.

Download TCW

Web-based management and test execution system allowing QA teams to create, manage, execute and track test cases and organize them into test plans.

Download Testlink

XQual Studio (XStudio)

A free 100% graphical and modular in design test management application that handles the complete life-cycle of your QA/testing projects from end to end: users, requirements, specifications, development projects (scrum oriented), SUTs, tests, test plans, test reports, and test campaigns.

Download XQual

Please comment below on your thoughts/experience on any of the open source test management tools listed above and/or if you know of any other tools that should be added.