Top 10 Open Source Performance Testing Tools

Performance testing is becoming an integral part of the development process, so it is essential to know what tools are out there. This post contains a list of top 10 open source performance testing tools.

Open Source Performance Testing Tools


The Apache JMeter application is open source software. It is a pure Java application designed to load test an application and measure its performance. Read More »


Gatling is a highly capable load testing tool. It is designed for ease of use, maintainability and high performance. Read More »


Locust is an easy-to-use, distributed, user load testing tool. It is intended for load-testing websites (or other systems) and figuring out how many concurrent users a system can handle. Read More »


Tsung is an open-source multi-protocol distributed load testing tool. It can be used to stress HTTP, WebDAV, SOAP, PostgreSQL, MySQL, LDAP, MQTT, and Jabber/XMPP servers. Read More »


Siege is an HTTP load testing and benchmarking utility. Siege supports basic authentication, cookies, HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols. It lets its user hit a server with a configurable number of simulated clients. Read More »


Httperf is a tool for measuring web server performance. It provides a flexible facility for generating various HTTP workloads and for measuring server performance. Read More »


Although not specifically related to Perf testing, Taurus provides an automation-friendly framework for continuous testing, including functional and performance. Read More »


Artillery is a modern, powerful & easy-to-use load testing and functional testing toolkit. Use it to ship scalable applications that stay performant & resilient under high load. Read More »


Goad takes full advantage of the power of Amazon Lambdas for distributed load testing. You can use goad to launch HTTP loads from up to four AWS regions at once. Each lambda can handle hundreds of concurrent connections, able to achieve peak loads of up to 100,000 concurrent requestsRead More »

Apache Bench

ab is a tool for benchmarking your Apache Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) server. It is designed to give you an impression of how your current Apache installation performs. Read More »